About Us

Hello everyone! Myself Harmeet Kaur Nijjar, the cook and photographer behind Cook With Emotion. I have started this blog/website to share with you my passion for cooking and my recipes. Lots of us try to make an excuse that we do not know cooking. There is nobody in this world who knows cooking by birth. Cooking is not at all tough for anyone to learn. We all can learn it just like we learned all other things. Our life is so busy nowadays. We hardly get any time to cook fresh food for ourselves all the time. We have chosen to be dependent on fast food more than freshly cooked food.

The workload is increasing every other day and so is the stress. For me, cooking is the best stress buster one can ever have and the best part is there are no side effects of it. So next time you feel stressed, go to your kitchen and start cooking. Every corner of the world has got a different taste and a different cuisine for us. Here, I have not focused on one of those, but all. Whatever new recipe I had got, I have cooked the dish and provided that recipe over here along with the pictures.

Every recipe has been defined with a list of ingredients required and a step by step preparation procedure in simple words. I do not want anyone to refer some dictionary while cooking. So I have worked on keeping it as simple as I could. You just need to follow the instructions properly as mentioned in the recipe. In case you find this blog helpful and it could encourage you to cook with emotion, my job is done. You can also leave your suggestions to further make any improvements.