Barfi Recipe Using Biscuits


2020 has introduced lots of changes in the food and beverage industry. Due to the pandemic, many people have learned cooking while staying at home during lock down. This is good for individuals but somehow tough for the industry in terms of business. Owing to health concerns, hundreds and thousands of families have stopped eating food from outside. But, their craving are still alive, especially for sweets. To make it easy for those families and for all the sweet lovers, here is our barfi recipe, which is prepared from biscuits.

Ingredients for Homemade Barfi Recipe

  1. Parle G Biscuit (2 Packets)
  2. Desi Ghee (One Big Spoon)
  3. Everyday Milk Powder (50 Grams)
  4. Powdered Sugar (Two Spoons)
  5. Milk (Five Small Spoons)
  6. Dry Fruits (Of your choice)

Procedure for Barfi Recipe Using Biscuits

  1. Put biscuits, desi ghee, powdered milk, and sugar in a jar of mixer grinder and grind for two to three minutes.
  2. Take the mixture in a bowl and slowly add five spoons of milk to make dough.
  3. Spread the dough in a tray, use dry fruits to garnish the spread, and keep it in a fridge for one hour.
  4. Take out the tray after one hour and cut the spread into equal pieces, preferably rectangular.
  5. Your home made barfi is ready.

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