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Masala Rice With Black Daal (Pulses) Recipe

Ingredients List

1) Black Gram (Daal) – One small size bowl
2) Chopped Onion – One small size bowl
3) Chopped tomatoes – One small size bowl
4) Cumin Seeds – Two tablespoons
5) Turmeric Powder – Two tablespoons
6) Gram Masala – One tablespoon
7) Cooking Oil – Three tablespoons
8) Rice – One small size bowl
9) Water (As required)


Instructions for Black Daal

Step 1 Wash black gram in running water two to three times and keep aside.
Step 2 Add two tablespoons cooking oil in a pressure cooker and keep it on medium flame.
Step 3 Add two tablespoons cumin seeds and stir well.
Step 4 When the seeds look golden brown, add chopped onions and tomatoes.
Step 5 Cook the mixture for three to four minutes and then add washed black gram to it.
Step 6 Add three small size bowls of water against one bowl of black gram.
Step 7 Close the lid of the pressure cooker and wait for seven to eight whistles.
Step 8 Turn off the flame and let the cooker exude the remaining steam.
Step 9 Open the lid and check with a spoon if pulses got cooked properly. If not, then close the lid and go for two-three more whistles at low flame.

Instructions for Rice

Step 1 Wash one small bowl of rice under running water.
Step 2 Take a pan, add one teaspoon of cooking oil and heat it on low flame.
Step 3 Add one teaspoon cumin seeds and stir well.
Step 4 Add washed rice and two small bowls of water.
Step 5 Cover the pan with a lid and wait for five minutes.
Step 6 Uncover the pan and check if there are tiny pores in the upper layer of the rice bedding.
If yes, then our rice is ready to be served hot. Otherwise, cover the lid and cook for two more minutes.

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