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How to Make Paneer From Milk Without Lemon

One of the best ways to make fresh paneer from milk is by using lemon. But, in case you don’t have a lemon, the other best ingredient that you can use to make paneer from milk without lemon is vinegar. The tangy flavor of vinegar does the same job as lemon does. The best thing […]


Punjab Style Pinni Recipe | Healthy Food Recipe for Winter

Pinni, atta laddu made from pure desi ghee are quite popular in India, especially Punjab. The sweet is mostly prepared in the beginning of winter season. Being full of dry fruits and essential seeds, the Punjab style pinni recipe is extremely healthy and best for the season. The ingredients that are used to prepare these […]


Sarson Ka Saag Recipe

Winter season is here and so is the most popular green vegetable of the season “Sarson ( Mustard Green)”. The vegetable is mostly grown and cooked in North India for obvious reasons and is used to prepare the amazing “Sarson ka saag recipe”. As soon as the winter season begins, you get to see sarson […]

Popular Indian Snacks Snacks

Samosa Recipe

Samosa is one of the popular snacks in India. The basic samosa has a stuffing of masala prepared from mashed potatoes, onions, and various spices. With time, people have found many versions of the recipe by replacing potatoes with noodles and paneer. The basic version is easily available in any state of the country. While […]

Breakfast Healthy Diet Tips

Quick Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is one of the most crucial meal of the day. A healthy and sufficient breakfast meal can keep you energetic the entire day. So, make sure that you plan your morning in such a way that you have sufficient time to eat a nutritious breakfast meal. To make it easy for you, we have […]