Onion Tomato Uttapam Recipe

Quick Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is one of the most crucial meal of the day. A healthy and sufficient breakfast meal can keep you energetic the entire day. So, make sure that you plan your morning in such a way that you have sufficient time to eat a nutritious breakfast meal. To make it easy for you, we have list down some recipes that are easy to prepare and will take least time of yours:

Poha Special Recipe

Poha is a popular and healthy option for breakfast or evening snacks. It can be cooked in 10 to 15 minutes using ingredients easily available at home.

Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

Veg Sandwich Recipe
Quick Snacks Recipe

If you are getting late for your office but want to eat something healthy. Sandwich is the best option in such situations. It is easy to make and you can use any ingredients of your choice. There is nothing hard and fast, when it comes to sandwich.

Uttapam Recipe

Uttapam is one of the healthy South Indian breakfast dish. Its batter can be prepared using rawa (sooji) or combination of rice and urad daal. You can use veggies of your choice for its topping and serve it with hot sambar or chutney. So lets take a look at the recipe.

Gobi Paratha Recipe

Gobi Parantha Recipe
Gobi Parantha

Gobi paratha recipe is very delicious and easy to cook. It is a North Indian cuisine that is generally cooked in Punjab. It is served with butter and curd. You can also have this paratha with pickle and a cup of tea. Let’s have a look at the recipe.

Rava Idli Recipe

Rawa Idli
Rawa Idli

Rava idli is definitely one of the best South Indian recipes. The recipe is too easy to cook yet enough to mesmerize your taste buds. Rava idli are mostly served with sambar and green chili chutney. The best way to serve idli is to prepare them fresh as it takes just five to ten minutes.

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